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For Thursday (7 Feb)

I’ve sent the Dickos and the Borde/Chaumenton readings, and here’s what I’d like you to do:
1. Read all of the Borde/Chaumenton: it’s 8 pages total
2. Look at the Dickos – it’s divided into several sections (“Cornell Woolrich”, “The Private Detective”, etc.).  I’d like you to just read some of those sections, as follows:

  • Intro (96-99)
  • The Private Detective (103-109)
  • The Gangster Figure and the Noir (112-115)
  • Sexuality in the Noir (142-146)
Though the other sections of the chapter are interesting, we don’t need them for Thursday.
3. And, again, please find a way to watch The Big Sleep before Thursday’s class.
See you then.

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