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For Thursday (14 Feb)

You’ll do two things for our next class meeting:

  1. Screen and take notes on Sunset Blvd.
    • In what ways does the film fulfill the typical characteristics of Classical Hollywood Narration we discussed in class?
    • In what ways is it more typical of noir narration, i.e., that it uses characteristics of subjective camera, voice-over, flashback, and/or documentary style to tell its story?
    • What effects do each of these have on the tone and mood of the film (i.e., how you feel as a viewer watching it)?
  2. Post one (or more) assignment drafts to the blog
    • Title your blog post “XXX (draft)” where “XXX” is a name for the assignment
    • Propose a one-sentence “Objective” for the assignment, explaining briefly how the assignment fits in the course and its objectives
    • Write a “Description” of the assignment, explaining any specific details, options, steps, or limitations you would recommend (or expect) this assignment to include
    • Provide a set of “Evaluation Criteria” for the assignment using some kind of coherent system for evaluation (e.g.: list of questions, rubric, etc.).  You may using a grading scheme here but it is not necessary

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