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Noir Assignment

I think a creative/engaging assignment we could do in the class would be to analyze a tv series that has elements of a noir but isn’t directly a noir tv series. Think about TV shows you have watched (whether it be an episode/episodes or particular themes/behind the scenes work done on the show) that can be defined as noir, then do a presentation as well as a paper on your findings. Focus on characters, sets, camera work, plot, visuals, themes, etc.


  • Must be a series that isn’t a noir
  • Implement clips into your presentation
  • Compare your findings to not only noir films we have watched but also to the readings as well
  • Presentation must be at least 10 minutes long; Paper must be at least 3 to 4
  • Be Creative! The more obscure the better!

Examples of shows I may choose

  • Star Wars: The Clone Wars
  • Community
  • Young Justice

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