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Ashley’s Project

Just because something isn’t labeled “noir” doesn’t mean it doesn’t possess some of the same elements of a noir.  The movie Charade (1963) is a movie that is  technically categorized as a thriller/mystery, but there are some arguable components to consider it to be noir-esque.  There trailer is here!

Looking at the following images, you can sense some parallels without even watching the movie — the movie poster tells it to you.  Just from these images you see a man with a gun, a woman by his side, and violent scenes.

In my presentation, I will discuss elements of noir that I find and synthesize them with the readings and discussions from class.


One response to “Ashley’s Project

  1. Yes – the visual parallels are clear. And I’d imagine *some* of the narrative and thematic parallels are clear as well. What we’ll be looking to see from your presentation is why you think this film hasn’t been considered noir in the intervening years.

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